our second generation language model

Dialogue optimised, trained on a vast amount of data and with a leading feature set.
Thanks to our groundbreaking Infinity Context and Verum Engine technologies NLM2 generates responses you can rely on, while considering all your company knowledge.

Driven by research

We are passionate about solving computer science challenges - inspired by the capabilites that make a noticable difference for our users, we're at the forefront of AI research to engineer breakthroughs that enable new AI capabilites and areas of application.

Research Breakthroughs

With our strong research focus, we are proud to showcase three of our most important results that enable the NLM2 model:

Infinity Context

Most modern large language models have a limitation in the amount of text they can consider when generating a response. With Infinity Context, we're not restricted by the context window. This means, NLM2 can interact with prompts of any length, get additional information from your data sources, interact with scientific papers, print articles and other long texts.

Verum Engine

To use an AI assistant in the enterprise, you need to be able to trust its generated responses. Our Verum Engine is not a traditional guardrail solution, but instead a part of the model itself, that ensures factual responses. To further increase the usefulness, it even provides a confidence score and, if applicable, cites sourses for the response. Like this, you know that the responses are reliable.

Flash Retraining

Your data changes constantly - and so can our model. Thanks to Flash Retraining we can fine-tune in near real time, so NLM-Dialogue's answers will never be out of date.

Ready for enterprise - ready for you

NLM2 is not just a language model - it's a platform for building the next generation of AI applications.

Explore additonal features

Strong capabilites

No matter what your organisational goals are, we designed NLM2 for you: Explore the features that make our second generational model truly enterprise grade.

15 Languages
NLM2 supports English, German, Ukrainian, Danish, Dutch, Estonian, Finnish, French, Greek, Italian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish and Swedish.
Fine-Tuning with Low Rank Adaptation
Fine-tuning allows for the model to adopt your organisations tone and communication style, learn to interact with organisation and sector specific vocabulary and to adopt your organisations knowledge to expand base training.
Conversational Model
The NLM2 base model is fine-tuned on question/answer pairs as a conversational model. This makes prompting the model very easy.
Specialised Data Sets
A lot of problems plaguing many language models stem from the fact that they have been trained on large, but low quality data sets. For NLM2 we are utilising a purpose build data set assambled exclusively for NLM2.
Optionally On-Premise
The power of NLM2 is not just limited to the cloud: we licence the model for commercial use, in your data centre - including the same high level of enterprise support.
265 billion parameters
With 265 billion parameters, NLM 2 will be one of the largest language models released to date and the largest model available under an open source licence.

We piqued your interest?

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