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About Neuralfinity

Neuralfinity is a pioneer in the Artificial Intelligence (AI) industry, specialising in the training of foundational AI models from scratch. Established in 2022, with the technological foundation being laid since 2019, we have grown to become a recognised player in the field, offering top-tier AI solutions.

Our first major milestone was training an Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) model in 2019, followed closely by training a Large Language Model (LLM) in 2020, which boasted an impressive 83 billion parameters. We have dedicated ourselves to research with a keen focus on real-world business needs, creating solutions that bring tangible value to our customers.

Our breakthroughs are making a significant impact on the industry. One of our most notable developments is InfinityContext, a revolutionary approach that overcomes the context limit traditionally encountered in AI models. Recently we have turned our focus to the explainability and factualness of LLM outputs, leading the way in enhancing AI comprehension and decision-making capabilities with our VerumEngine.

At Neuralfinity, we don't just create AI technology – we build full-stack reference applications that can be either adopted in their entirety or licensed in part, depending on the unique needs of your organisation. Our commitment to innovation, practicality, and results makes us a reliable partner for organisations looking to leverage the power of AI. Join us in our journey towards a future shaped by AI, as we continue to break barriers and redefine possibilities.

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