About Neuralfinity

We are Neuralfinity, empowering you to implement AI to your product in a very short time. From small app studios to large enterprises, our goal is to give quick and easy access to AI through our Computational Magic platform.

Neuralfinity is building the future of artificial intelligence, underpinning the next generation of AI powered apps.

Our commitment to the environment

Because tomorrow is just as important as today

We believe that the future is important, both the future of technology and the future of the planet we all live on. This is why we don't just build innovative technology, but also make sure it doesn't harm the environment.  

We operate climate neutral - using only renewable energy

We ensure that all data centre partners only use renewable energy - so we don't produce any CO2 when providing our service. We furthermore always try to reduce our carbon footprint for other things to, for example by using web conferencing over travelling when not absolutely necessary.


The people making Neuralfinity happen

Photo provided by Hamburg Next Media / Jan-Marius Komorek

Jannik, Co-Founder and CEO

With a combination of technology and entrepreneurship expertise, Jannik co-founded Neuralfinity with a vision: bring AI to all of humanity. Packing a decade of experience in both deep learning as well as startups, Neuralfinity combines this knowledge into reaching this goal.

Yuliia, Co-Founder and COO

Yuliia handles everything from marketing to operations, while the customers are at the centre of our work. She obtained a Masters degree in International Economics from Kyiv National Economic University, that enables her to run Neuralfinity smoothly.