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Computational Magic

One API to add magical experiences for your users, powered by AI

Artificial intelligence will soon be an integral part of all software, but training AI models requires expertise, significant computing resources and large quantities of data. We are making it easier to integrate these models through our API as a Service (APIaaS) platform: Computational Magic.

It features build in, state of the art AI models, such as speech recognition or image classification delivered through a GraphQL API. These models are trained specifically to be transferable to many domains and reduce the resources needed to build an AI enabled app – no matter if you are a solo developer or a development team within a large enterprise.

  • GraphQL API
  • Build for low latency
  • Cloud Hosted
  • On-Premise
  • Generalisable Models
  • Just magical

Computational Magic is currently in development. Contact us to discuss BETA access.


Cloud Native AI inferencing platform

Neuralfinity Raven Is a cloud native inferencing solution, designed to deliver a great developer experience and reduce time to production.

We realised, that no existing solution fulfilled our own needs, so we created one, that we are soon ready to share. Building on the same foundation as Computational Magic, Raven is the magician's ideal companion to deliver AI inferencing at scale.

Raven accelerates model deployment by up to 50% from experiment to production and and provides a unified API for all deployed models. You just need a GPU-powered Kubernetes cluster.

  • GraphQL API
  • Build for low latency
  • Bring your own models
  • Deploy anywhere
  • Enterprise Support
  • Full control

Contact us today, if you're interested in joining the private BETA.


Automatic Speech Recognition - Our first magic model

Ichograph is a new automatic speech recognition (ASR) model and will be the first model available through the Computational Magic API.

We developed this new model based on a transformer architecture. This allows us to create an ASR model that can deliver better results than other solutions for regional accents and domain specific vocabulary without ever being specifically trained for it. Ichograph can be used in a wide range of applications, from phone call transcriptions, to dictating medical notes.

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