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Available APIs


Regardless if you want to summarise news stories, magazine articles, legal copy or a product description: With Magic-Summary you have access to a strong transformer language model with the ease of a GraphQL API. Magic-Summary is now available in beta. We offer 100 requests per month free if you apply to the website as well as competitive pricing plans for production usage.

Magic Speech-to-Text

Need speech recognition for your app? We've got you covered. Based around our in-house trained Ichograph speech recognition model, we're proud to present the Magic Speech-to-Text API. With just one API you can create subtitles for videos, transcribe online meetings and telephone recordings, build voice assistants and more.

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Why choose our API?

No Data Required

We require no training data for fine tuning - the models work out of the box the vast majority of use cases.

Use Any Programming Language

Use any programming language - Computational Magic is a GraphQL API, so you're not limited in your choice of programming language.

Only a few lines of code

Only a few lines of code - no need for any complexity, just simple GraphQL requests.

Fully GDPR Compliant

Fully GDPR compliant - we do not store any data sent to us as part of your request and process all data within the EU.

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