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Transcription Service

Faster and cheaper? Sometimes you can have your cake and eat it, too. With our AI powered and human supervised transcription service we can transcribe telephone interviews at a lower cost than traditional agencies whilst always delivering the same or better quality. How it works? You send us your file and we send you the result back. Simple as that.


We make large quantities of audio evidence searchable. Find that one piece of evidence to help win your case? Discover important information hidden in hundreds of hours of depositions? We can give you the edge. No longer will your team be busy spending their precious time on dull tasks, and instead focus on looking at the information that really matters. Because we develop our own models, we don't ever need to send your files to the cloud: They can be transcribed and send of right on your own premises.


Computational Magic - easy to use AI models for your apps

You create the ground breaking apps that make people's lives better, every single day. From mobile apps, to home automation, to medical applications, your work matters. We want to give you the power to use state of the art AI models, starting with speech recognition, without the need to hire a big team or become an AI expert. Just use Computational Magic in your app just like any other API.
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