We've graduated from the accelerator. What's next?

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Author: Yuliia Butovchenko

We've graduated from the accelerator. What's next?

We had a very exciting 4,5 months journey with the Media Lift accelerator program. We are grateful to the Media Lift team for believing in our idea. This period was filled with vivid impressions and small victories for us.

Firstly, we are almost done with Product Market Fit Validation. Various marketing activities have been tested and we have found our way that works. Thus, during one of the marketing campaigns, we experienced an incredible feeling, watching how our waitlist was filling up with curious developers. We hope that soon we will share examples of apps, powered with our Magic-Summary.

Secondly, we talked to many experts and representatives of the media industry in Hamburg. This gave us a boost in understanding which AI model to release next. I will get ahead of myself, this is the speech recognition model. Yes, you heard right, fully GDPR compliant, made in Europe, the speech recognition model!

In conclusion, we would like to say that we were happy to be part of the Batch 4. Media Lift team did a great job. We are yet to announce the next news. Oh, the most interesting part is yet to come 🔥