Our launch on ProductHunt

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Author: Yuliia Butovchenko

Our launch on ProductHunt

Last week we launched our Magic-Summary on ProductHunt. There are about 4 million visits there every month, so it turned out to be a promising place for us.

The main task was to increase the awareness of our product and idea. We knew that ProductHunt had an audience with different backgrounds. Therefore, we prepared a description of our product for professionals from different areas. See detailed description of Magic-Summary here

It is important to say that we are very pleased with the result of our launch. We received valuable feedback about our product and a bursting waitlist. Now the fun begins. Our customers, who will gradually gain access to the free tier, will be able to easily build AI-powered apps.

In case you haven't seen our page on ProductHunt yet, take a look here And we aren't saying goodbye to this exciting phase of product launches there, as we have a couple more models on the way 😉.