We are backed by the media & tech incubator Hamburg Media Lift!

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Author: Yuliia Butovchenko

We are backed by the media & tech incubator Hamburg Media Lift!

From April 2022 until September, we are participating in the content and tech incubator. Next Media is regional initiative for the Hamburg media and digital scene. Networking and having workshops with media companies and business leaders contribute in improving our products.

We mainly specialize in AI for non-linear data - what is that? In plain terms: Content. We want to give the content industry new tools to enable new user experiences with our technology. This can range from automated summaries for the email newsletter to object identification in augmented reality or live translated subtitles.

After meetings with representatives of media industry, we saw that there was a great need for speech recognition "Made in Europe". Every current solution has major drawbacks somewhere, but we have some new innovations in this area that we're very proud of, with a target of launching into beta in the near future. As soon as more than one model is available we can show a new level of using AI in the world. Our API is designed in such a way that multiple models can be chained, and developers can thus connect different AI models. For example, in online meeting, our software could transcribe the content from spoken words into text and summarise it.

Hamburg is an important place in Germany and in Europe, both for the technology and the media industry. We are very happy to be able to advance both industries through innovation. Hamburg is thus becoming an important technology driver in the media sector on the world stage.

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