5 real use cases of apps with Magic-Summary API

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Author: Yuliia Butovchenko

5 real use cases of apps with Magic-Summary API

From time to time we get questions about usecases, so I want to give examples of what you can build with our text summarisation API or how you can use it for personal purposes. Although we are still a small startup, we can already boast examples of how the Magic-Summary is used. We get questions from time to time that developers are very interested in playing with our API, but they don't always have a clear vision of where it can be applied. In fact, there are a lot of use cases that can be done with our text summarisation API. I hope this article inspires you to use our API in a new way that you haven't thought of before.

  1. SEO optimisation

Most likely you have your own website/blog or you are planning to build one. How to do SEO for your blog? The answer is obvious, one of the factors is a good meta text for search results pages. We use our own summary API to create an article summary to 140 characters automatically.

For example, here we have turned over 550 words from our article into a short high-quality summary:

Google Search Preview

2. Summary of scientific research articles

I think many students and researchers will be happy with such an app for scientific paper summarisation. This is about the summary of scientific articles in general, or the processing of different paragraphs in order to write the main idea of each paragraph. With the help of Magic-Summary API, you can build those apps easy and fast! Our long-awaited update will be released soon. It will remove the current limit on the length of the original text. Then you will be able to summarise very long texts.

3. Chat summarisation

This will be a useful software for those who work in call centers (our speech-to-text model is already in development) or apps where there is chat support. Our customers are already implementing our Magic-Summary API in social projects. To be more precise, in an application where a specialist provides assistance to people in crisis. As a result, they make summary for correspondence and they can evaluate the effectiveness of assistance or get a quick overview of past chat sessions.

4. Summary of technical/medical/legal documents

Long documents can sometimes be really time consuming to read. Summarising legal documents chapter by chapter, medical notes for a quick overview or technical documents for a short preview can make handling them way easier. This could make it a perfect feature for any kind of document management app.

5. Book summary

Maybe it's trite, but it's also a great use case for building an app with our API. I agree that there are already many apps with such a business idea, but you can always find unique qualities for your product and niche.

I provided you with these 5 real life examples of how you can use our Magic-Summary API. Of course, there are even more examples, such as news summaries. You can list endlessly. Our goal is to make the use of AI possible and affordable for every developer. If you have an idea and you are looking for customers, contact us and maybe we already know a person without programming knowledge who needs your product.