Need speech recognition for your app? We've got you covered.
Based around our proprietary Ichograph speech recognition model, we're proud to present the Magic Speech-to-Text API.
With just one API you can create subtitles for videos, transcribe online meetings and telephone recordings, build voice assistants and more.

Class leading accuracy.

Benchmarks following soon…

Why choose our API?

We require no training data for fine tuning - the models work out of the box the vast majority of use cases
Use any programming language - Computational Magic is a GraphQL API, so you're not limited in your choice of programming language
Only a few lines of code - no need for any complexity, just simple GraphQL requests 
Fully GDPR compliant - we do not store any data sent to us as part of your request and process all data within the EU

Available Plans

(Coming Soon) Enterprise
Price (Coming Soon) On Request
Support Standard Enterprise Support with SLA
Computational-Magic Cloud Yes Yes
On Premise No Yes
Available Languages EN, DE EN, DE, more coming soon