Code of Ethics

Our Core Values

Civilian Applications Only

We don't like violence. Conflict, to us, should be purely in the form of scientific discourse. Because of this, we have taken the stance to not involve in any military application of artificial intelligence. Just like John Lennon sang: "Imagine all the people, living life in peace" 

Data Protection

We take data protection extremely serious. We always consider the implications of what data will be used, where it comes from, how it is protected and if it is really necessary to use. At no point will neuralfinity use data that we didn't have the right to use and we will always ask for your permission if you provide us with your data for a research project.  

A firm stance against discrimination

We value diversity very much. That's why we have taken many measures to ensure that our agents don't discriminate. We heavily scrutinise data sources and data sets to understand if there are any hidden biases and how to remove them. Furthermore, having a diverse team helps to increase our horizon of considerations that we should take when starting a new project. 

Controllability is key

We always ensure the agents we create can be controlled. For us, this includes ways to ensure we can trace back why a certain decision was taken, ensuring there are no unwanted side effects with our agents and always ensuring that users feel confident to question AI agents when they make mistakes, overrule wrong decisions and have the basic understanding to work with AI agents on a daily basis. Lastly, we vow to never create an agent that can not be switched off if needed.