100 Real-world LLM use cases

from Fortune 500 companies

In 2023, companies experienced a remarkable transformation, embracing Generative AI across diverse sectors like finance, insurance, construction, entertainment and more. Large Language Models (LLMs) became a key player, adopted by numerous Fortune 500 companies to revolutionize operations and creativity.

Wondering about specific applications? We've compiled a concise table showcasing how top companies used LLMs in 2023. Sorted by industry, country, and more, this resource offers insights into LLM usage across varied sectors. From financial institutions optimizing customer service to entertainment giants customizing content, LLMs proved versatile.

LLMs' adaptability transcended boundaries, offering tailored solutions and sparking innovation. Their integration exemplifies the profound impact of AI in reshaping industries worldwide.

Fortune 500 & Fortune 500 Europe LLM Use Cases in 2023

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